A bridal show is when vendors in the wedding industry setup booths to showcase their work and provide professional knowledge to help couples understand what they do, and how they can benefit from their services. Bridal shows vary in sizes, anywhere from an afternoon affair to a weekend event. Depending on your style, some may be more beneficial than others. However, if you're engaged, than a bridal show is a great place to start.

We put together 7 reasons why every couple should attend at least one bridal show during their wedding planning journey.

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1.     Inspiration

Vendors who take part in bridal shows want to showcase their best work, so you will see some amazing designs that will give you tons of inspiration. They tend to focus on the details and display ideas that you may not have considered or even thought of. A couple of ideas may be a custom design for your dance floor or live entertainment to wow guests during cocktail hour. As you walk by all the booths, just make sure to pay attention to the little details and take note of your favourite ideas.

2.     Giveaways

Most larger bridal shows offer a chance to win some amazing giveaways from exhibitors through fashion shows, draws, contests and so much more. If you're in the Toronto area, one of the biggest bridal shows that takes place twice a year is Canada's Bridal Show, where they give away amazing prizes that can include your bridal bouquet, wedding rings or even a honeymoon getaway. If you're not located in the GTA, be sure to check out your local bridal show's website to see what they have to offer, as any giveaway is always helpful to the budget.

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3.     Vendor Discounts

Most vendors who partake in bridal shows usually offer show discounts to attendees, as an incentive to book their services. This is a great opportunity to take advantage of those deals as you still receive the same quality of service with a promotional discount. As you know, weddings can be very costly so any little bit of savings go a long way.

4.     One Stop Shop

If time is not on your side, then don't you worry.. just make sure to attend at least one bridal show and you can possibly book all your wedding vendors in one day. If your going to a larger show, there will be a handful of vendors for each category, which gives you the option to choose your favourites. Anywhere from a DJ, to a venue to a wedding planner, the options are endless.

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5.     Make Personal Connections

As you know, bridal shows are full of all types of vendors, so this is a great opportunity to meet wedding professionals in person and engage in conversation. After all, we believe personal connection is something you should always consider when choosing your wedding vendors. Don't be afraid to ask questions and take a few minutes to talk about weddings they've been part of. This allows you to determine if they fit the style of wedding you're going for and how well you'll work together to make it the best possible wedding experience.

6.     Upcoming Trends

Bridal shows are full of inspiration and new ideas. Vendors always try to create exceptional booth designs that are full of upcoming trends, such as next year's colour of the year or textures that will be most popular. It's always important to be aware of upcoming trends, as you want your wedding to be unique and memorable.

7.     The Perfect Girls Day

When you get engaged, who doesn't want to spend a day with your fave ladies and talk, see, breathe all things weddings? Not to mention enjoy free stuff for you and your squad. Bridal shows are the perfect place to do this and it's always helpful to have your besties by your side for support. If you really want to get right into it, consider wearing  "bride tribe" shirts or matching totes to keep all the freebies in.

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Whether you're newly engaged or almost done your wedding planning and just need to book your last few vendors, a bridal show is always a great idea to attend. You have the opportunity to see upcoming trends, meet amazing vendors in your area or take advantage of professional advice from those who know the industry best.

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