You got the ring, you put together a wedding budget and now it's time to book your wedding venue. Today, I'm sharing 5 tips to help you choose the perfect venue for your wedding.

1. Talk to a Planner

Yes, talking to a wedding planner will help you with the process big time! Planners will have a better idea of what's out there, since this is probably your fist time getting married. They can suggest spaces that work with your budget and guest count, which is a BIG time saver! Going to see a space and realizing it doesn't fit all your guests is a waste of time and energy. Wedding planning is stressful and overwhelming enough, so making the most of your precious time is very important to keep you focused, excited and motivated to plan your special day!

Since you're at the beginning stages of planning, you can hire a full-service wedding planner to guide you through the entire wedding planning journey. Another option is booking a consultation to see if they can provide some insight on venues in your area, if you're unsure about hiring a full-service wedding planner. Trust me when I say, there was never a couple who didn't love having the extra help during the entire process. You won't regret your decision when hiring a full-service wedding planner - if they are the right fit for you!

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2. Know Your Guest List

You may have an idea of the number of guests you want to invite, but make a concrete guest list before looking at any venue. Consult your parents as well, because you never know how many people they may want to add to your list. It's important to know your guest count, because falling in love with a venue and realizing it can only hold half your wedding guests, will force you to make tough decisions.  You don't need any added stress to the planning process, so get that list finalized before booking any site visits.

A question I always ask when helping couples find their venue is "How many guests does your venue fit comfortably - with a dance floor and without?" Keep in mind venue capacities don't always mean you can fit that many people, because you have to think of your floor plan as well. What if you wanted a large dance floor, a lounge setup by the bar or added decor that will take up space of 2-3 tables? Again, just another reason how wedding planners can help you during this process. Comfort is key for any event, so do make sure your guests will fit comfortably before confirming your wedding venue.

3. Stay True to Your Vision

Are you looking to have a modern wedding? Then going to see vineyards or outdoor spaces may not align with the vision of your wedding. Art galleries, warehouses or a new restaurant downtown may be the better option for the look you're going for. Think about the style, theme and overall feel you would like your wedding to be. Your venue should fit with your wedding vision and ultimately enhance your design allowing your wedding to have that connection to the space.

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4. Consider What's Included

You think you found the space to host your special day, so now you must clarify everything that's included. Parking? Food & Beverage? Or do you have to bring in a caterer ? These are just some of the questions you should be asking yourself when booking your wedding venue. Is food an important factor for your wedding? Then maybe consider having a tasting before booking the venue. Please note, not all venues allow this, so sometimes you will have to go by reviews. And please, please, PLEASE always read reviews! Not just for your venue, but all vendors. There's nothing better than hearing what past clients have to say about people you want to work with.

5. Refer to Your Budget

Even though your budget isn't the most fun thing to talk about when planning your wedding, it's one of the most important parts. You refer to it when booking each vendor on your wedding team. On average your venue is about 50% of your entire budget. So, you need to look at your budget as a whole, and determine if booking the space you love will work with the amount you allocated. You don't want to overspend right from the beginning, because it will be hard to stay on budget when you have an entire team of vendors to still book.

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Start the wedding planning off right, by choosing a venue that is perfect for your style, budget, number of guests and all the little details that are included. Your wedding is about you. Celebrate the way you want, at a venue where you feel the love and can see yourself having your first dance.

If you have any more questions about how to choose the best venue for your wedding, send me an email or DM me  your questions. I make wedding planning fun and exciting, so I'd love the opportunity to plan alongside you and make your wedding dreams come to life!

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