Do you need a show stopping, 5 tier cake like the one by Baking Up Treble that's pictured below? Or will a 1 tier cake that you can get a cake cutting picture work just fine for you?

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Determining the formality of your wedding is something you should think about in the early planning stages and below are 5 factors to consider.


Celebrating in cottage country tends to give off a less formal vibe, whereas having your event in downtown Toronto may lead you to having a more formal wedding. Your wedding location will play a big factor in determining how formal or informal your wedding will be, so make sure to choose a location that works well for the overall atmosphere you would like to create.


Once you have an idea of location, the next step to consider is your wedding venue. Is it going to be an outdoor wedding on a beach, or are you looking to have it at an upscale hotel downtown? There are so many venue options to choose from, whether it's a casual backyard wedding celebration or a luxurious wedding at The Omni King Edward in one of their four gorgeous rooms, (my ultimate fave being the Crystal Ballroom). The venue you choose will play a large role in determining the formality of your celebration, so make sure to choose the one that works best for you and your style.

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Having your wedding during the day tends to have a more casual feel and anything starting after 5pm usually means it will be a formal reception. When choosing the start time of your wedding day, you need to take into consideration the overall formality you want for your wedding. Keep in mind you can have a formal wedding when you start the ceremony a bit earlier in the day and have the reception begin later. Guests would just have timing in-between to either go home, or you can host a luncheon for them to kill some time between the events. Another option would be to provide them with some activities or attractions nearby, especially if your wedding is out-of-town.


This is a big factor because if you're going for a formal wedding, it's very likely you're pulling out all the stops to create an over-the-top environment. Flowers everywhere, customized decor, live entertainment and so on, which means your probably working with a budget that is quite high. Budget conscious couples may only focus on a few of these elements and save on ambiance and bar, which ultimately creates a less formal environment. Carefully consider your budget as it does play a big role of how formal or informal your wedding will be.

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If your wedding party will be wearing short dresses this indicates that cocktail attire would be an appropriate dress code for guests, which is less formal than having a black tie affair. If you're getting a custom wedding dress and your wedding party is in tuxes and long gowns, then it's best to have your guests match the style of your wedding and ask them to dress in formal attire. Make note of dress code or formality of your wedding on your invitations, so guests dress appropriately for the formality of your wedding.

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As you can see there are many things to consider when deciding on the formality of your wedding. Just make sure to think of all thee factors and ensure you book a venue that fits with the style of wedding you're looking to have.

The most important thing is to always do what you feel works best for you and your partner. Your wedding day is about you and your love, and you want it to exude your style and personality in every way possible.

If you need any help with finding the perfect venue based on the formality of your wedding, my full planning package would be a great fit for you. I help you with the venue search, your budget and every other aspect of your wedding ensuring you enjoy the whole planning process.  Get in touch with me today and let's see if we're a great fit for each other!

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