Weddings are amazing, but let's be real... they can be expensive. We're sharing tips on how to maximize your wedding budget, so you don't have to break the bank to celebrate your special day.

Cut That Guest List

This is the first thing to revisit if you're looking to cut costs. With less people, this will mean less linens to rent, place settings to style, food and beverage coverage and the list goes on. When making your wedding guest list, think about who you and your fiancee truly want there and couldn't imagine getting married without. THOSE are the people that should make your A list.  Keep the guest list to those you love most so you can 1. Save that money or 2. Spend it on other details more important to you such as entertainment, a wedding planner (we know a dynamic duo ;) ) or your honeymoon!



Repurpose Ceremony Floral

Most brides add decor and floral to their ceremony, so why not reuse that beauty as much as you can. The once ceremony floral arch can be used as the backdrop for a sweetheart table. All the gorgeous bouquets you and your girls use for the walk down the aisle and a few pictures during the day, use them as added decor for your head table or receiving table. You can have the bouquets simply lay flat on the table or have your florist leave vessels for the bouquets, so they can stay hydrated in water and stand upright. Whatever you do, don't let those ceremony florals only be seen once throughout your day!

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Buffet vs Sit Down

This is a hard one for us because we love sit down events as it's more formal, but it is more expensive. However, there are perks to having a buffet dinner for your wedding. Buffet dinners allow guests to choose items they like which really help with reducing food waste. Serving times are usually shorter which gives you more time on the dance floor! And we can't forget that it is much more cost effective, since less staff, catering rentals and food is required. If you do opt for a buffet reception, just make sure to call up tables accordingly so its orderly and eliminates any confusion. It's always nice to call head table and close family tables first, then simply going up from there. It's nice to welcome second helpings to guests once all tables have been up first. This is another pro when having a buffet since guests are free to help themselves to another round, which is so nice to see after you put all the effort into choosing the best menu for your guests.

Off-Season Weddings

Even though Friday & Sunday weddings aren't so unheard of anymore, some venues offer discounts for hosting on those days. And if you really want to get the most bang for your buck, consider a brunch or daytime wedding. Who said you couldn't say I do over some flapjacks and eggs benny? If you want to get married as the sun is setting, then a Friday reception may be your best bet. Have a later ceremony, say around 5pm, so guests would have a better chance of attending as they wouldn't have to take the full day off of work. Most people have Saturdays off, so it's nice to have two days to recover from the crazy celebration. If you're an early riser and love breakfast, then having your wedding on a Sunday would be perfect. Start early and end early, so guests have a chance to wind down before work the next day.  Another option is to get married in the winter, particularly January to March, as these months are considered off-season for wedding and many places, along with vendors, offer discounts. It may be a small amount off the cost per person, or a percentage off the venue fee, but any savings help the budget right? Whatever day or month you choose to get married, just make sure it works for the both of you.

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If you REALLY want to maximize your wedding budget, it's best to hire a wedding planner (and we're not just saying that cause it's what we do) because they know the ins and outs of the industry and can help you save with all aspects of your wedding. From choosing your venue, to sourcing the best vendors, they're with you every step of the way to make sure you stay on budget. Just remember they're always on your side making sure you're happy and comfortable with every decision.

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