It all started with a casual convo with the bride, Dayna, (who is also my sister-in-law/friend/neighbour… yes, neighbour!) about how she wanted to display her escort cards in a unique way. It got me thinking.

Dayna’s wedding decor was modern with marble accents, so we sketched out a custom 12ft shelving unit to display her escort cards — which were also carrara marble tiles. What started as a crazy idea soon turned into the main decor piece for the wedding!

“Trust your crazy ideas” – unknown

This was when I realized that I truly had a passion for the decor side of the event industry and completing my first, custom decor piece was a proud moment. I knew the future would involve learning, creating and designing more!

As mentioned above, the decor piece was originally created to be a unique seating chart. However, as I dove deeper into the planning & design process of Dayna’s wedding, I learned that she wasn’t a big fan of draping behind the head table. Especially because the venue, The Warehouse, already had white draping around the entire room.

So she didn’t like draping. And she wanted different.

Different is fun. Different gets the guests talking.

Different starts trends.

That is when the light bulb went off.  Why not use the unique seating display as the backdrop? By adding floral and candles, it instantly created the focal point of the entire room. The decor piece was only needed for cocktail hour to display the seating cards, so it was possible. Wheels were added to the structure for easy movement between rooms. Even though it was a mission and a half to flip it so quickly and have it styled for the head table, JUST before all guests entered – the looks on everyone’s faces, especially the bride & groom’s, was SO worth it!

Who would have thought one of our crazy ideas would be appreciated so much and put to use in so many different ways throughout the year. See pictures below for how our once seating display added the perfect touch to some fabulous events in 2017.

Have another idea how to use this unique decor piece? Get in touch to rent it for your next chic celebration. Let’s start designing! Let’s be different.


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