Planning a wedding during a global crisis is far from easy, and even more stressful for you because of the uncertainty. That's why today I'm sharing ways to start getting you excited (again) about planning your special day. Moving forward is the best thing for anyone to be doing right now, especially a happy couple ready to get married! Brighter days are ahead and I want to help you get the wedding you want & deserve.

Take Your Time

You are allowed to feel sad, angry, confused and any other emotion right now. Give yourself the time to feel those emotions, so you can realize them and make a plan to move forward. If you jump right ahead to, "I need to contact my wedding vendors. I need to send out new invitations" and so on, you will have skipped many emotions. Going that route wont let you process what really is happening and make the best (new) plan of action, to have the most memorable wedding day.

Get on Pinterest

If you don't already have a Pinterest account, go make one right now! When I need inspiration and a little push to get me going, I start pinning away and the creative juices start to flow. Pinterest is a visual discovery engine to find ideas about fashion, wedding rings, decor and so much more. What better place to get lost as you search for wedding ideas and start pinning away to your wedding board.

Pick Your Wedding Party

If you still haven't chose the lucky bunch that will be part of your wedding party, this is a great time to do just that. Sit down with your fiancée, or FaceTime if you don't live together because we should all be living that quarantine life right now. Pour yourselves a glass of wine and finalize who will be by your side when you say "I Do". Once you know your wedding party, get back on Pinterest and look up fun ways to ask them. There's so many unique ideas, so just pick something that fits with your personalities and style.

Hire Help if You Need it

Maybe you're not too excited for the wedding because you don't have time? or don't know how to bring all the details together? That's totally ok girl, I'm here for you! The one thing I learned having my own business, is to ask for help when you need it. I used to be the worst at asking for help, but learned that you can't do everything on your own. Sometimes hiring a professional allows you to take more control of the situation, like your wedding, because you can focus on things you actually enjoy like choosing your wedding dress or picking out your wedding bands. A wedding planner is there to make your life easier, as well as your families, guests and the entire vendor team.

I really hope this helps give you that little push you needed to (re)start planning your special day. Take the time to really figure out what you want your day to be and make it happen. Your wedding day will come, all you have to do is plan for it to be full of love, happiness and good vibes!

Sending Virtual Hugs,

We Bring The Fun, You Bring The Party!