It's no secret that small weddings are becoming more popular and I am ALL for it. I've been so lucky to plan several intimate weddings and they have been some of the best celebrations. Couples who decide to have a small wedding usually go all out with their food, entertainment, decor and leave out no detail. Their budget may not be as high as a wedding with over 150 guests, but when you have a lower guest count your budget can be stretched to create one magical wedding day. Today I'm sharing tips and ideas that will help make your intimate wedding extra special and the most memorable day.

What is a micro wedding?

A micro wedding is an intimate celebration with no more than 50 guests. The guest list usually includes your family and close friends only.

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If you're thinking of having an intimate wedding, here are some tips and ideas to make it a celebration to remember!

Choose a unique venue

With fewer guests on the list you can opt for a non-traditional venue. You have the choice to host your wedding at a cozy restaurant downtown, lakeside at your cottage or even having an intimate affair in your backyard. Choosing a venue that has special meaning to you can make your wedding celebration extra special and unique. Maybe you want to get married at the restaurant you went to for your first date? The venue options are endless when you have a micro wedding.

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Your budget will go further

Having less guests at your wedding allows you to splurge on details that are a must-have for you. Maybe you always dreamed of having live entertainment at your wedding, well you can make it happen because you'll be able to stretch your budget. How romantic would it be to walk down the aisle to a string quartet, or maybe having a small band to get the party started. When you have a lower guest count you are able to spend more on things that you maybe couldn't fit in the budget with a large wedding.

Focus on design

You'll be able to really focus on all the small details from the table setting, to the lighting to the overall ambiance of the wedding. Maybe you really want guests to feel special as they sit down to dinner, so why not include all the bells and whistles for your table setting. You can upgrade your linen and chairs, as well as include charger plates and specialty cutlery to really add that wow-factor! Since you will have less guests, you can create a lounge area or two, where people can relax and enjoy the beautiful atmosphere you designed for your wedding. The options are endless with all the specialty furniture that's out there now, so choose items that tie in with your overall wedding theme.

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Skip the details that aren't important

Really think about what's important to the both of you and what will make your wedding special for you. It's custom to have favours at a wedding, but are they really needed when you will be able to interact with all your guests during your wedding? Your ceremony will be intimate which means it's usually short, so having ceremony programs won't be needed.

Be unique with your seating

When you have a smaller wedding you can create a unique seating plan that may not work when you have a large wedding and only round tables work. Maybe you have enough room to seat everyone on one or two long tables, so the guests feel like they are sharing a meal with family. If you still want a head table, you can always opt for a u-shape layout where all your guests have the best view of the couple they are honouring.

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Decide if you want a wedding party

You can go all out and have a large wedding party or keep it small like your intimate wedding. You may just want to have a maid of honour and best man to be the witnesses, or any two special people in your life. Who says you have to be traditional and put a label on the two people that will stand by your side on your wedding day. Times have changed and there's no better time to do whatever makes you happy.

Consider a destination wedding

Do you both love to travel? Consider having a wedding outside the country and taking your closet family and friends with you to celebrate your micro wedding. Often destination weddings are less expensive than your large, traditional wedding so you'll have more money to spend on fun activities when abroad to keep your guests entertained during their mini vacation. Sometimes renting a villa to host your wedding and have all your guess stay at is the best bet when your planning a destination wedding.

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Serve fancy cocktails

Consider having specialty cocktails for your reception and get fancy with them! Since you have a smaller guest list you can serve freshly made cocktails that your guest will love AND your bartenders won't hate making since they have time to do it right, without creating a long line at the bar. It's always fun to have signature drinks for your wedding, so maybe you can choose one or two of your favourite cocktails that you can share with your guests to enjoy.

Customize anything & everything

Just because you're having a micro wedding doesn't mean you have to leave out all the small details. Personalize as much as you can to make it a unique wedding celebration. Hire a calligrapher to make custom place cards for each place setting. Some favourites include laser cut acrylic, names on palm leaves, or even names on personal desserts like cookies or macarons. Include custom menus for each guest so they know all the delicious food coming their way. You can even create menus that act as place cards as well. Another great idea to personalize your wedding is having a video play in the background of your love story, so guests really get to know the both of you and how your love brought you and all of them here to celebrate your wedding day.

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These are just some ways you can make your intimate wedding special and unique. It's all about adding your personality to your wedding day which allows your guests to enjoy an experience that you've created out of your love for each other.

If you're thinking about having an intimate wedding, I have just launched a new wedding package for intimate weddings where I help you plan and design the entire day from beginning to end! If you want to enjoy your wedding planning journey, get in touch with me today to book your consultation and let's start the wedding planning fun!

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