Over the years of planning we've seen and heard quite a bit. We wanted to share with you a few tips and personal advice to help keep the emotions and stress level low during the wedding planning process.


Do bring the important people in your life whose opinion you value the most, when shopping for your wedding dress.

This is one of the most exciting times for the bride-to-be! You may visit just 1 store orrrr 10! Try on 3 dresses or over 20! Regardless, once you find 'THE ONE' that makes you smile from ear to ear, possibly shed some happy tears and makes you feel your best, that's it! Check it off your list. ✔


Don't continue looking!

There is no need to keep looking at dresses if you've found 'THE ONE', if it's checked off your list, it's done. Continue on to the next item. The worst feeling is doubting what you purchased if you see something else. Go with your first instinct and stick with it. Plus, the opinions you value the most were there the day you said "YES TO THE DRESS!"

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Do ask for advice.

Of course you will have lots of questions throughout the planning process, whether it be something about the venues, maybe decor related or perhaps wedding etiquette.  We highly encourage to be prepared before all vendor meetings with questions you have, like "what's included in their package?" or "when is final payment due?". Ask questions to the pros in the industry (we answer these questions for our clients whenever something comes up) or ask advice from a family member or friend because you trust their judgement. It's best for your sanity not to ask everyone, because you'll get too many opinions that may start to confuse you and make you feel overwhelmed.


Don't ask for peoples opinion unless you really want it.

Everyone has different opinions for everything, whether it relates to them or not, you know they will speak their mind. You will then take in their opinion and maybe think about it way longer than you should, which can really confuse you and stress you out. We don't want that, do we? I

f you know what you want and are sure of your decision, then why ask? If you're asking because you truly value that person's opinion, then make sure to take every answer with a grain of salt because it may not be what you want to hear. Remember, if you get confused, go back to the people who always give you great advice, like your friends who recently got married or your wedding planner. Those are the ones you trust and will be sure to lead you in the right direction!

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Stick to your budget.

As we've previously mentioned, and will say over and over to all our couples is "stick to your budget". There may be something that comes up that you REALLY want or may not have budgeted for. No problem! Revisit your budget and see if you can rework it to include your new want, like adding charger plates to your place settings, before booking anything. Maybe you can move some monies around from something that may not be as important. This will keep you at ease and help you and your fiancé stay on the same page.


Don't get sidetracked.

This is very easy to do with all the choices out there, once you know you have your vision/style and budget (refer back to our blog on 5 HELPFUL TIPS ON HOW TO PLAN THE PERFECT WEDDING) stay focused. Loss of focus can result in stress and regrets.


Do think about the children.

Do you want children at your wedding? Maybe you just want an "adults-only reception"? Speak to your venue coordinator and ask if there is a small room near by that can be rented and used for a children's play area. Then hire a professional babysitter or ECE worker to take care of the kids and play games with them. The children will love it and the parents will appreciate the thought and be able to relax and enjoy their night knowing their kids are close by.



Don't be a bridezilla.

The last thing you want is stress on yourself and others around you. We know you want your day to be perfect (of course you do - you've spent majority of your time the past months planning!) But you need to keep in mind that not everything is going to go as planned. Half of the things that don't, no one will ever notice, expect you. Let the day flow as you've planned and let the little things go.

*Hiring a wedding planner will help with this one because you will be at ease days/weeks before the wedding. Your wedding planner will have all the information (everything is off your plate!) and be able to take care of anything that comes up on your wedding day. Wedding planners play the middle man on the day of and are your shield from any little mishaps that may arise. Everything will go through them, they will know ahead of time what you wanted or paid for, so they can make the executive decision on your behalf, making sure you have the best day ever no matter what happens!

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The day has finally come, we always remind our clients to step back and really take it all in.  Take time for yourselves throughout the day and love every moment!

If you need someone to be there on the day of taking care of all the behind-the-scene details, so you can enjoy all the special moments of your wedding day, our Wedding Management package would be perfect for you! This includes us jumping on about 3-4 months before your wedding day to finalize all the details with you to ensure nothing is overlooked. We'll review your timeline, suggest any changes and SO much more!

If you want to learn more about the wedding planning services we offer, then contact me today and let's setup a time to chat and see if we make a good fit !


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