Centerpieces are the best way to dress up your tables. There are so many different styles to choose from, so I'm sharing a guide that will help you with the decision making process in choosing the best centerpiece(s) that work with the type of event you're having based on a few different details. Read more to find out which one will work best for you!

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These tend to be less expensive because they require less floral & smaller vases. Lower floral arrangements make it easier for guests to engage in conversation since they are below eye level. Another reason to choose low centerpieces is to bring the focus to other design elements like your place setting, the venue or surrounding landscape.  

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This style is great if you have a large venue or if it has high ceilings because it helps fill up the space. Tall centerpieces are luxurious & eye-catching and they will be admired as soon as guests enter the venue. Do keep in mind that a good height is above eye level when your guests are seated, so everyone can see each other and all take part in table talk.  

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These are perfect when you have long tables as it will fill up the space on the table. Depending the table width, you may have keep them a bit more slender, so you have room for the rest of your table details like glassware & chargers.    

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This is when your centerpieces only include floral. They can be any size or shape and are perfect for a simple design. You can choose to have one floral centerpiece for the table or have a cluster of smaller florals to give the illusion of one larger one.      

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  This is when there are florals & added decor, just like the picture below. You can add a variety of candles that compliment your colour scheme & choose different holders as well, like votives, cylinder vases or candlesticks. Other decor elements that will add to your design can be guest favors like succulents or even fruit if you’re going for a tropical theme.  

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 There are lots of choices for centerpiece designs, but you don’t have to keep them all the same. Mix it up & use a variety of styles which will create drama and be visually appealing. Just work with the space, your floor plan & always stay true to your overall design!

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I absolutely LOVE helping my clients bring their wedding or event design to life and it all starts with a custom design board. The design board is a great tool that portrays the overall look, feel and style of event you want to have. If you're not sure which centerpieces will work best for your design and still need some help or a few pointers to lead you in the right direction, I'm only a phone call OR email away. Get in touch today and let's start the design process together!

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