WEDDING PLANNING TIP: Create a Realistic Budget

Hey friends, it's already that time again for our weekly wedding planning tip which is 'Create a REALISTIC budget'.

This is one of the first questions we always ask our clients, because knowing your budget allows us to help you in the best way possible. We know this is a tough question to answer, but when you hire Claudia & Co. and book our full wedding planning package, we help you create a budget that will work with your overall wedding vision AND bank account.

The first step in creating a realistic budget is to determine your guest count. Once you have a rough estimate, break your budget down into categories, like floral, entertainment, venue, catering and so on. Budgets aren't the most fun and exciting part of the planning process, but we promise you that once you have a realistic one, it will be much easier to start making decisions and booking your team of vendors.

If budgets really aren't your thing, then you would definitely benefit from our full planning package, as we handle ALL of this and more!

We will work together and go through all the categories to determine a budget that works best for the style of wedding you envision, the number of guests and what you feel comfortable spending on your special day. Yes, you may spend a bit more on your dress and shoes, and that's totally fine in our eyes, as long as you save somewhere else to balance it all out. After all, you need some extra cash to spoil yourselves on your honeymoon!

Let us know if this wedding planning tip was helpful and which wedding detail you're looking to splurge on by sending us a quick email or connecting on Instagram!

We'd love to help make your wedding planning process a seamless process, so contact us today and let's celebrate together!

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