Hey friends! Happy Friday!

Where did this week go? And why has it snowed so much! It's not even winter yet, enough with the snow.

I must admit, it does make for a dreamy winter proposal though. Since we're in proposal season, we thought what better time to share some helpful wedding planning tips with you. Check out the 5 first steps in planning the best day of your life - your wedding!

1. Celebrate

You said YES!!!! (…or something along those lines because you were so shocked and excited no words would come out). Getting engaged is such a big moment in BOTH of your lives, so make sure to take it all in and celebrate with first and foremost, each other. All those near and dear to your heart would probably love to celebrate as well, so you may want to consider having an engagement party. Whether it’s an intimate dinner in a chic downtown restaurant or a casual backyard BBQ with friends and family, make sure to take the time to celebrate – your way.

2. Guest List

It’s time to sit down with your fiancé and see who exactly you want to be part of your special day. Will it be an intimate family affair? Or do you want to start inviting high school friends you haven’t seen in years? Open up that excel sheet and start writing down everyone who makes your A list. Make sure to share it with your parents, especially if they’ll be helping with the planning process. You don’t want to offend Auntie Barbara because you haven’t seen her in a year and totally forgot to add her to the list.

Keep in mind that your guest list goes hand in hand with your venue choice. For example, if you’ve always dreamed about getting married in a certain venue that only holds 100 people comfortably, you may have to chop down that list if it’s already sitting at 150. It’s no fun when your guests are sitting elbow to elbow and are shimming through tables to find their seat.

3. Make a Budget

You narrowed down your guest list so now it’s time to determine how much you want to spend on your big day. Will it be a lavish affair with cascading blooms hanging from the ceiling? Or will you put your DIY skills to work to save as much as possible? Determine which style of wedding you would both want and create a realistic budget that you can actually stick to. It’s best to create this document with excel (we love using google sheets) and once you start booking vendors, plug the cost details in the document so you don’t fall behind.

4. Book a Venue

Many venues book up to a year in advance, so the sooner you get this booked the more choice you will have to get married at your dream venue. Make sure to research venues before you actually go and see them. You don’t want to waste your time looking at multiple spaces to go there and find out they don’t allow candles, when your dream wedding decor includes nothing but candles. Reviews and sites like Wedding Wire is a great place to learn about venues and gather the details you need before actually going to see the place.

Once you created a short list of locations, it’s time to get in touch with them and book a site visit. It’s very helpful to have questions written down beforehand so you’re sure not to miss any details that are extremely important to you.

Also, you need to determine if you will be having your ceremony and reception at the same location. If not, book your ceremony and reception venue as close together as possible so both dates are confirmed.

5. Start Researching Vendors

Do you already have a list of vendors who you just can’t wait to get in touch with and hope they’re available for your wedding? (Amazing, you’re already one step ahead). If not, this would be the time to start creeping vendors on social media, read reviews and visit their websites to see if they would be the best fit for your special day. Once you’ve made a short list of preferred vendors, get in contact with them and make sure to MEET THEM IN PERSON. You want to make sure your wedding vendors fit your personality and style. It’s no fun having a photographer who you just don’t jive with – it will definitely reflect in your pictures. Do your research ahead of time so you have a choice of who YOU want to work with.

If you start feeling overwhelmed with the wedding, it’s best to consider hiring a wedding planner. They are experts in their industry, so they're able to suggest vendors who work with your style and budget. They save you money and SO much time... and time is everything these days, right?

Planning a wedding isn't easy and quite time consuming if I'm being honest, so why do it alone? Get in touch to book a time to chat and lets get planning!

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