If you've been going back and forth about needing, or really wanting to do an an e-shoot, you need to keep reading and learn all the reasons why you should say YES to one!

Get to Know Your Photographer

This is the perfect time to get to know your photog a bit better and build that genuine relationship with them. You've probably had a great first impression which is why you booked them. During your e-shoot, you'll be able to learn more about them, making you feel more comfortable in front of their camera. You start to trust them more which results in natural photos with genuine smiles.

Your Photographer Gets to Know You

The more your photog gets to know you as a couple, makes it easier for them to capture those special moments between you both. They will be able to direct you, knowing what works for you in terms of posing or your angles. If you like to be on a certain side, they will remember this for the wedding and be able to guide you with ease, giving you more time to party it up on the dance floor on your wedding day!

Capture the Memory

After your wedding you'll be married, so why not enjoy the time as an engaged couple excited to plan your forever together and capture this amazing time in your life. There's such a special feeling about being engaged, so soak up every second of it and give your photog your best smile!

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Practice Makes Perfect

You will be able to get all your awkward poses out of your system, so on your wedding day you will be pulling out the vogue poses. You'll learn what works for you and your partner. Hugging it out may not be your style, but holding hands and walking together is the beauty shot. Keep trying different poses so you can feel and see which ones work best.

Save The Dates

If you're planning to send out save the dates to your guests, this is the perfect opportunity to use photos from your shoot. It's gives guests a glimpse into your wedding journey and makes it more personal.

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Display Photos at Your Wedding

You can use your engagement photos for your wedding to add some personality. You may design a picture guestbook with your fave shots, have a large picture on an easel or a few displayed on your welcome table. Whatever you choose it will be the perfect added touch!

Take Advantage of a Different Setting

You're having a fall wedding and can't wait to get outdoor pictures with all the changing leaves. Why not have your e-shoot in the summer by the beach, or opt for an at home shoot cooking a meal together. Another idea I love is going on a trip and having your pictures taken abroad. Makes your shoot SO much more fun and exciting and you come out with amazing captures like below. The ideas are endless, but just do what works for you. Make it different in some way so you have all types of pictures together.

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Make it a Date

Use this opportunity of having a professional capture the special moments by doing something you love as a couple. Maybe its ice skating or a going for ice cream to your fave spot. Whatever you decide, make it fun and think about bringing cute little props to add in your personalities, like a balloon or matching t-shirts.

Treat Yourself

Wedding planning isn't easy and we all deserve a little pampering sometimes, so there's no better time to treat yourself. Get your nails done and even your hair and makeup, because we all know it's better when someone else does for us! You want to feel you're best when taking the photos, and we always do when we put on some lipstick and our fave pair of heels.

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These are just some of the reasons why you should get an engagement shoot, but I hope after reading this you'll feel confident with your decision to book yourself an e-shoot. Just remember to make it your own, have fun and don't forget to smile!

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